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SMB Account Manager
Publication date: Dec 25th
Job type: Full Time
Category: Marketing-Sales
Salary: USA, Canada
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Position Description

As a Key Account Manager, you will be working with existing Toptal clients to build upon their relationships, understand their needs and capitalize on new opportunities that may arise. You will help our clients build amazing teams with Toptal’s elite talent. Toptal only accepts the best - we accept less than 3% of applicants, and we connect organizations to the talent they need with unmatched speed and efficiency. On average, we provide less than two candidates per hire, find candidates in less than 24 hours, and have a 98% success rate. We help organizations build amazing teams, providing everything from key individuals to whole teams - imagine what you could do with such a powerful model.

This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere in the world.All communication and resumes must be submitted in English.


The success of every client depends on the performance of many teams working together. As an Account Manager, you will be key to the execution of client account plans - doing so in collaboration with our Sales & Talent Operations teams. You will be the main point of contact for a portfolio of clients, managing delivery, operations, and teams with a focus on mutually-beneficial, long-term relationships that establish Toptal as a trusted talent partner. You will work in a distributed company and help define an entirely new space by helping the world’s best talent find the perfect opportunity, while also helping leading organizations find the best talent more effectively and efficiently.

In The First Week You Will
  • Onboard and integrate into Toptal.
  • Learn Toptal’s model, our team members, and our story.
  • Begin our 1-1 sales training process which conveys our value proposition, sales process, and delivery method.
  • Become acquainted with the cross-functional teams that you will leverage to grow client relationships.

In The First Month You Will
  • Complete our personalized sales training program, complete with mock calls and role-play scenarios.
  • Begin Toptal’s vertical-specific training, familiarizing yourself with the full range of offerings we make available to our clients.
  • Begin to have calls with clients, understand the stakeholders involved in the relationship on both sides, and identify where we can help your portfolio companies grow.

In The First Three Months You Will
  • Complete all vertical-specific training.
  • Complete introductory calls with all clients in your portfolio and establish or update account plans for each.
  • Establish a working cadence with key clients, stakeholders, and team members in your portfolio.
  • Begin to uncover new opportunities at your clients that result in revenue-generating engagements for Toptal.
  • Provide delivery oversight for all work on your accounts, ensure customer satisfaction, and support the talent working with your customers.

In The First Six Months You Will
  • Build upon your existing client relationships, expand Toptal’s partnership with existing accounts, and execute your account plans.
  • Expand the scope of engagements at all accounts to incorporate new verticals and new projects.
  • Establish a track record of increased business across your portfolio of clients.

In The First Year You Will
  • Have built a portfolio of incredible client accounts, with a track record of successful delivery, satisfied clients, and happy team members.
  • Begin to mentor new members of the team, helping them learn about Toptal, our model and how proper account management practices can improve relationships and increase revenue.
  • Continue to expand your portfolio of accounts, accelerate growth in existing accounts, and leverage the full suite of capabilities Toptal has to offer.

  • Knowledgeable. Broad understanding of business and technical challenges encountered by mid-size businesses and hypergrowth companies.
  • Experienced. You have experience employing best practices in account management and relationship-building with mid-size businesses and hypergrowth companies - resulting in a track record of success.
  • Critical thinking. The ability to critically think through the challenges your clients face to create opportunities to grow those accounts.
  • Client Focus. You must be relationship driven and obsessive about your client’s success. This extends to the talent we provide, the experience we offer and the outcomes we deliver.
  • Motivated. You must be highly motivated and continuously strive for personal and professional improvement.
  • Resourceful. You should think about your portfolio as your own business - we want self-starters who are passionate about building a portfolio of accounts, and who thrive on the freedom and accountability of leading their portion of the business.
  • Proactive. You must be able to understand our mission and do the work required to drive us to that goal, without being told. You are not here to be reactive.
  • Communication. Communication is the lifeblood of your relationships both internal and external to Toptal. You need to reflect excellent communication in all forms, across a wide variety of personality types, roles, and geographies.
  • Team. Nothing we do is done in isolation. Your success depends on your ability to work as a team both within Toptal and within your client accounts.
  • Ownership. You need to exhibit ownership of your accounts, your successes, and your failures.
  • Problem Solver. We are a distributed company so life throws in minor challenges beyond the primary problems your role is meant to solve. You need the ability to take those in stride and persist despite setbacks.
  • Priorities. The nature of this role requires that you understand the priorities and timelines associated with each of your accounts, and to execute appropriately with those in mind.

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