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Director of Growth Marketing
Publication date: Nov 19th
Job type: Full Time
Category: Marketing-Sales
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A storyteller at heart, but with a desire to translate that story into repeatable messaging and assets. Someone who loves the research phase, but also has a bias toward action (because perfect is the enemy of good). You’ve got some technical chops, but you know that a features one-sheeter rarely sells as well as a results-backed story. You’re a connector--of people, ideas, and solutions. Someone with experience marketing to marketers, and the challenges and opportunities that entails. You know your way around a launch plan, but also know there’s a lot more than that to impactful marketing.


The ideal candidate will have a passion for strategic thinking and leverage best-in-class marketing-tech and ad-tech to build multichannel campaigns, track attribution and ROI metrics, build reports, and extract campaign insights for continued optimization.

For the right person, this is your chance to be a vital part of a cash flow positive seed-stage startup company which is poised to win the market. Accelevents has product-market fit and we need a marketing director who will help us pour gas on the fire.


Why you should join Accelevents:

  • Proven product... just google our reviews
  • Clearly defined market... we are going after a multi-billion dollar market with several public competitors
  • We are already cash flow positive and now ready to fuel the growth
  • If this sounds like you, we'd love to have you on our passionate team!


This role will be remote so we are looking for someone who is a self-starter and is comfortable working independently!



The Director of Marketing will be responsible for driving revenue through brand building, organic signups, and lead generation for the sales team. We are looking for an experienced digital marketer to manage our advertising and conversion efforts, and how they thread through our overall digital & brand strategy. This includes management of ad platforms, day-to-day optimization of campaigns, agency and vendor management, A/B testing to improve CRO, designing SEM & SEO strategy, and the integrated project management of various digital marketing initiatives.



You will own the marketing strategy, website, digital advertising, SEO, CRO, content marketing, and the Accelevents brand while being responsible for strategizing, executing and reporting on these channels. Generating demand across our identified segments is critical to the business, and how we market to these segments digitally is the first touch many users have with our brand. We’re a team that thrives off problem solving, blending creative and technical disciplines, and seeing our work push real-time results.



  • WordPress
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Optimizely
  • Hotjar
  • PipeDrive
  • Intercom



  • Comfortable working remotely, highly self-motivated
  • 5-7 years of digital and brand marketing experience for a SAAS or technology company
  • Extremely strong written skills, you won’t enjoy this position if you don’t enjoy writing
  • Strong experience using search, display and social advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Background in analyzing, presenting and building reports from ad platforms and translating them into spreadsheets and presentation decks, and synthesizing metrics into tactical recommendations
  • Proven track record of improving digital conversion rates through testing and campaign analytics feedback
  • Experience leveraging A/B testing (and/or personalization) platforms like Optimizely, Intercom, or similar
  • Experience working with a content management system (preferably WordPress), marketing automation platform (preferably ActiveCampaign), and Google Analytics
  • Willing to work in a collaborative and results-oriented team environment
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Solid working knowledge of digital marketing basics (SEO, SEM, social, web, etc.)
  • Motivated, driven, self-starter with a keenly developed competitive nature



  • Join 2 sales and 2 marketing calls per week.
  • Do a deep dive marketing audit and evaluation of our current positioning and opportunities
  • Meet with our content generation agency to understand and evolve our content strategy
  • Take on the day-to-day operations of our advertising platforms
  • Create a project plan for auditing our overall lead generation strategy through our digital channels to understand heaviest impacting items, and areas for improvement and drive it to completion.
  • Pick and implement a SEO platform (eg. SEMrush, ahref, etc.)
  • Understand the tools of the marketing team, including Wordpress, ActiveCampaign, Intercom, Unbounce, our advertising platforms, and learn processes including how we target our audiences, develop digital campaigns, advertise across the integrated spectrum, etc., and begin utilizing these in your day-to-day operations independently
  • Complete 5 customer interviews to inform yourself on customer needs, market dynamics and persona profiles, which will contribute to building the Product Messaging Framework



  • Develop a general roadmap for strategic advertising initiatives that you’d like to implement to continue pushing the needle on our online acquisition strategy by establishing data-based benchmarks and goals that signify the importance of each initiative
  • Develop the product marketing deliverable plan mapped to product/segments/ personas
  • Develop campaign strategy and direction by crafting, launching and optimizing campaigns across multiple channels, e.g., display, SEM, paid social, email, mobile, trade show/conferences, etc.
  • Implement and execute an A/B testing strategy for CRO
  • Audit and analyze our website looking for areas that can be enhanced or tested and then implement those changes and tests
  • Work with Sales and Customer Success to develop marketing collateral
  • Develop a paid ad campaign to test brand and product messaging and then adjust our content accordingly
  • Develop brand marketing strategy, positioning, and messaging
  • Conduct phone calls following up on survey responses, and analyze survey data to understand how customers are finding us and better position our messaging
  • Make recommendations based on audits for growth across our various digital advertising platforms



  • Build out reporting mechanisms to ensure that advertising and conversion metrics are properly analyzed and digestible for action
  • Build strategic partnerships for cross marketing (eg. co-hosting webinars, guest blog posts, podcasts, etc.)
  • Contribute to content creation feedback loop on what resonates with our key audiences and how we can leverage more successful content in our digital campaigns
  • Have assumed fully day-to-day management of executing digital advertising campaigns across our various platforms
  • Complete 5 customer interviews to publish customer case studies for use by sales and externally.
  • Be the first person in the company who sales goes to for messaging and competitive input and strategies
  • Increase our signup conversion rate by 20%
  • Increase signup rate by 50%



  • Roll out a full scale template for how Accelevents thinks about and tackles advertising across all funnel stages, user segments, brand awareness and lead generation goals
  • Have developed an analytical template/dashboard that outlines projected ROI across our digital acquisition channels
  • Analyze the potential benefits of bringing on a branding agency to assist with developing our messaging
  • Evangelize Accelevents through speaking engagements, webinars, customer calls, podcasts
  • Be the foremost authority on the event ticketing market, including Accelevent’s competitors, and build a marketing strategy for the next 2 years of Accelevent’s growth
  • Deliver updated buyer personas and competitive battlecards for competitors


You’ll love (and excel) at this job if:

  • You’re super comfortable working remotely on a distributed team - in fact, that’s exactly what you’re looking for!
  • You have a thing for Tech, you’re tech-savvy, yet personable and poses natural problem-solving abilities
  • You perform duties with timeliness, dependability, and hold yourself accountable for keeping commitments and delivering the best possible performance
  • Someone who has a way with words—clear, friendly, and concise.
  • You don’t need to be told what to do. You need very little guidance to see what needs to be done - you take the initiative to jump in and figure out how to get it done
  • You love reading and learning about new ways of doing things. There’s always a better way
  • You’re not afraid to bring relevant issues to the table, but will also come with helpful solutions/suggestions
  • You’re comfortable with a little chaos and uncertainty. We move fast and sometimes decisions are made without complete information - that’s OK!


Closing thoughts:

If you're excited about this role and you think you've got the chops, you should apply. Finally and most importantly—to prove you read this job description, please include a smiley face :) in front of your name when you apply, and also include a short cover letter. In the cover letter please include at least one creative marketing campaign idea and an explanation of how you would define success in this role in the first 6 months.


We actually read the cover letter, so please don't just do a copy/paste job—we'll be able to tell :)


About Accelevents:

Hosting an event is stressful. At Accelevents, our mission is to relieve that stress for event organizers through easy-to-use technology and the best customer support.


Accelevents is a fast growing event ticketing and fundraising platform based in Boston, MA. Our all-in-one event software enables event organizers to quickly and easily launch their events with the power they need to host events of any size. We provide the tools, technology, and support that event organizers need to efficiently run and manage their events, so they may invest more of their time in creating the best experience for attendees.

Please mention that you come from GetRemotify when applying for this job.