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We use React Native to build iOS and Android apps that users adore. At Parsed, we specialize in React Native. That means we can build your app in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible while addressing all of your business goals. Before React Native, efficient cross-platform development required compromises. Today, we can create the responsive, flexible, native mobile app you need – no compromises on performance. Here’s what you get: User-centered mobile apps You know your users best, and we get that. With your requirements in hand, we build iOS and Android apps that drive business results and make users swoon. Transparency and collaboration This is a glass house, and you’re always welcome to look inside. We actively share our progress with you, so you can test new features right away and send us your feedback. Bang for your buck Being specialists helps us do great work fast. We also offer flat-rate pricing, so you’re never in the dark about how much something costs. Billable hours? Not around here. Value that’s tough to match As a distributed team, we maximize talent and minimize overhead. We pass that savings to you! High-dollar rent in a renovated factory downtown? Not our jam.

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