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Jarrett is a company that specializes in transportation management services. Jarrett works with manufacturing companies, wholesalers and distributors who ship or receive product from all around the globe. As the global economy has been the center of attention in recent years, controlling every aspect of your business has become more important than ever. Companies are being forced to take a closer look at all costs these days. Transportation costs may be a deciding factor for a company in determining how competitive they are within their marketplace. Through our centralized JLS Routing Center, Jarrett allows our customers to get more control over their supply chain, become more cost effective and efficient. At Jarrett, our customers receive a dedicated logistics coordinator who knows and understands the customer’s business requirements and preferences. All suppliers contact the logistics coordinator in the routing center for routing instructions. This allows them to ensure that the shipment is routed on the appropriate carrier, based on shipment characteristics (location, weight, size, price, etc) and they are not incurring any unnecessary freight charges. Our customers may contact the routing center for assistance on outbound orders, access our online order entry system or continue to work directly with the carriers themselves. Jarrett also handles freight bill audit and payment services, carrier performance, management reporting and more. Our proprietary software platform allows our customers online access to order entry, quotes, shipment tracking, reports, and EDI. You will find that Jarrett offers the most flexible and proactive logistics partnership program available at a very cost effective price point. We do not have a “one size fits all” approach to our business. We realize that every company is unique and we are able to customize our solutions to meet their requirements. Please contact us today for a free freight analysis.

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